Sourav Ganguli Joining BJP!

There is a race among the celebs, top judges, bureaucrats, police, military brass, film/sport stars, opposition party MLAs/MPs and leaders, etc. to grab plum posts, which is being offered by RSS/BJP!

This race is part of loot of the people/country’s hard earned wealth over decades by the capitalist class, especially by Ambani/Adani, through their trusted and loyal political managers, RSS/BJP.

Yes, the mask is of Hindu Rashtra, nationalism, Manuvadi culture. If you are reading this, and are opposed to this ruthless plunder, you must be part of (or if not, do join) a secular, democratic, progressive and revolutionary party! Revolutionary line can not be anything else than Marxism Leninism!

Workers of the world unite!

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Amarinder Singh Turns To Prashant Kishor Again, Gives Him Cabinet Rank

A seller of ‘idea’ to the RW political parties (LW parties never ‘buy’ ideas from any sellers, for them Marxism Leninism exists!)!
There are thousands of such parasites, who have opened shops, hired pseudo intellectuals & sell services to all the conflicting & opposing parties simultaneously!
They make jingles (political and other catchy slogans), suggest equations among the various caste/religious/regional groups, tactics to make the voters confused, who are for the opposition parties, innovate and suggest dresses/make ups/physical appearances/languages for the candidates and the star campaigners, and all other tricks to make the candidates win!
These idea sellers are very common in developed capitalist countries, like USA/UK, now spreading very fast in India. You can imagine, how expensive the election process is becoming, and is totally out of reach for the common people, forget about the poor workers and even their parties!
We, the progressive & revolutionary forces, with critical and analytical brains, must decipher these ‘services’, expose them among the people, and same time show how “election to election” politics is utterly useless, as a vehicle to change the society for better, where exploitation & discrimination does not taken place.

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“Prashant Kishor”

18 killed in bloodiest day of Myanmar anti-coup protests

Myanmar is burning. The military is brutally suppressing the people’s movement against it. Whatever, the news and information is reaching to us, through strict military ban on media, the resistance is not weakening, but on the contrary, it is on rise.

Earlier news confirmed large number of government servants had joined the protests and even few soldiers, including lower ranking officers had participated in it. However, large defection of army soldiers does not seem to be possible immediately, as earlier, the revolutionary parties, if any, had not done any political works among the masses and among the government employees.

The existing government, led by the “Nobel Peace Prize Winner” Suu Kyi, was busy in cleansing the Myanmar society from the Rohingya Muslims, with the help of Military. Or, if we believe in the ex-government’s version, the government was unable to stop Rohingya’s massacre, by the military. The people of Myanmar had been suffering immensely. The present resistance can be called as spontaneous and till now seems to be directionless. The minorities, despite being oppressed ruthlessly by the civil government, is supporting the mass movement against the military coup. Do they want to reinstate the old anti-people government or want an alternative, which seems to be not available and neither clear.

May, be something new is emerging there, unknown to us! We are with the people of Myanmar in their heroic, historical resistance against the oppression and military rule!
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Trumpism is not dead

Trumpism (American form of fascism) is not dead, despite Trump lost in Presidential race.Basically, because the political economy exists which encouraged a section of the bourgeois class to control the state power and consolidate it, through creation of mania among the masses with the most reactionary ideology, like fascists did in Italy and Germany, before Second WW.

This mania is being created by the bourgeois class in most of those countries where due deep, irreconcilable crisis, the working class, farmers are revolting against the ruling party or the government, no, in fact openly against the ruling class, the bourgeois/capitalist class. And this danger has shaken the world capitalist class, the imperialism, and they know from their earlier experiences, that to break down the revolt of the masses, they must break their unity, their revolutionary thoughts.And what else have they, besides racism, nationalism (MAGA), religiosity, cultism, and all forms of discrimination. In addition, they have the state power, which eventually will come down over the revolutionaries with arms and all forms of violence, ruthlessly and mercilessly!

So, specter of socialism may be threatening the bourgeois class, but as a result, specter of fascism, world over, and Trumpism in America is haunting the American people. Sanghism (Indian brand of fascism) is on upswing in India.

Socialism or barbarism!

Class unity and struggle!

Workers of the world unite!!

Socialist Revolution is the solution!!!

Disha Ravi in HC, Delhi

“If highlighting farmers’ protest globally is sedition, I’m better in jail,” #DishaRavi said through her counsel!”

The Delhi police gave permission for the farmers’ march, which they’re claiming that I (Ravi) asked people to join, so how did I become seditious,”

“There is an allegation in FIR that Yoga and Chai are being targeted. Is it an offence? We are now reducing the bar that somebody can’t have a point of view different,”

What a sham has become Indian jurisprudence, which includes judiciary, police, administration, government, the paid media and trolls!

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Myanmar’s minorities join protest against military coup


The continuing turbulence in Myanmar is neither in the interests of Myanmar and its people, nor in the common interests of other regional countries, Wang was quoted as saying. “

Imagine, CPC is saying ‘turbulence’ is not good for the people! Its is not turbulence “Comrades” but a mass movement by the people of Myanmar, against the military rule as well as against Suu Kyi regime, which murdered and threw out hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims with the help of same military!

Civil Disobedience is the key word today in Myanmar, where even government employees as well as few military men have joined it. We uphold the ‘turbulence’, and we know the Chinese finance capital is in threat, where as the American imperialist camp is in distress, as after the throw of Suu Kyi regime, their influence in Myanmar is badly marginalized!!

Yes, sadly, we notice the lack of a revolutionary party, based on Marxism Leninism in Myanmar.
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Sex Work Is Not Work: A Marxist Feminist Analysis of Prostitution

Worth reading. The reason for the emergence of prostitution is private property and will be eliminated once the private property is eliminated!


Part I: Can sex be considered a commodity?

‘A commodity appears, at first sight, a very trivial thing, and easily understood. Its analysis shows that it is, in reality, a very queer thing, abounding in metaphysical subtleties and theological niceties.’

Marx, Capital Vol I

In an attempt to move beyond the moralism that frequently surrounds the contemporary debate on prostitution and the sex industry, it is useful to consider some fundamental Marxist concepts in relation to the ‘sex work is work’ narrative. In particular, we must examine Marx’s discussion of commodities and labour power, which have been wilfully misinterpreted and oversimplified in order to support a pro-prostitution narrative.

‘Commodities are two-fold…both objects of utility and, at the same time, depositories of value. They manifest themselves therefore as commodities only in so far as they have two forms, a physical or natural form, and a value form.’

Marx, Capital Vol I

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Sex Work Is Not Work: A Marxist Feminist Analysis of Prostitution – PART II

Worth reading. The reason for the emergence of prostitution is private property and will be eliminated once the private property is eliminated!


Part II: Can ‘sex work’ be considered ‘labour’?

‘all [commodities] are reduced to one and the same sort of labour, human labour in the abstract.’

Marx, Capital Vol I

Marx tells us that ‘human labour power’ is expended in the production of commodities — that ‘human labour is embodied in them’ — and that it is this which determines their exchange value. The worker, of course, expends physical energy in the production of commodities. His muscles, nerves, organs and cells work in the production of commodities. But Marx’s use of the word ‘human’ suggests a nod to the social context in which labour power is expended. Beyond the physiological aspects of work, we must consider the social, ‘human’ cost to the worker. Time spent expending labour is time in which the worker is not able to pursue leisure activities; it is time he is not able to spend with his…

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Democracy is fragile: US President

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Trump is acquitted and is not impeached again. After this, he said, “Our movement has only just begun.”

Remember, when Hitler did not make it to the top power initially, but then he steadily rose to the top post, not only to the top, but the German people rallied behind him and he had all the state power with him to ‘play’!

MAGA (Make America Great Again) has all the fires in it for the American people, especially when they are lacking employment and other basics, and the world is shifting to the Right!

Question, “Can Trump bounce back again” is a big question, which Biden understands but can do nothing. This question implies the grip of fascism, another right wing movement, mass hatred and use of state power against the minorities and the working people, world peace (though, we did not have war in his first Presidentship) and acceleration of unemployment, exploitation and inequality, which is already at a dizzy height.

The task of Marxist-Leninists have risen tremendously. Ideologically, organizationally and the ground work (revolutionary work, or class politics). Read, decipher, build organization (Not totally on social media, a revolutionary party can not have all its organization in open), be with the working class and the oppressed people, educate them, prepare for class struggle, success of which will lead to demolition of old state, creation of proletariat regime, under its party’s leadership!

Comrades be part of proletariat revolution!

(Read this article also on Aljazeera:

Haryana CM Meets Amit Shah; Hardens Stand Against Farmers

The fascists/dictators are basically cowards but, through media, project themselves as brave, hard decision takers, ‘dynamic personalities, once they capture the state power (even before), which too is byproduct of some deep crisis in the society, be it political or economic or combinations of many, where economic crisis is in the center!

These, otherwise, worthy of being street urchins, kneel down, the moment they are dispossessed from the power. The power comes from the people, who unwittingly handover their power to these criminals, when due their miseries, poverty and ignorance start believing these ‘good for nothing’ characters but could speechify and manage crowds, votes, and come into the limelight and are noticed and handpicked by the bourgeois class; the old management is replaced with the new ones, more trustworthy and loyal, and who would be able to ‘free’ capitalism from crisis and deliver them better.

Congress was replaced by the capitalist class and handed over the reigns to RSS and its various outfits, BJP to look after the state and their interests. To do so they invested huge capital, media, social media, got into the ongoing movement “Jan Lokpal Bill”, and finally were able to establish fascism in India.

Ongoing farmers protests is different than the previous movements, like against GST, CAA/NRC, liquidation of Labor Laws, etc. Initially, it looked localized but spreading faster than the protest leaders or the government would have hoped. It is not led by a revolutionary party, but nonetheless, the participants are poor, marginalized, small and medium farmers, petty agricultural bourgeois class (Adhatiya or money lenders or middlemen) as well as agricultural workers. These workers are also part of floating workers, who during off season work in urban cities, as skilled or unskilled workers.

Now the movement is spreading further, especially in the working class, though fragmented. It is threatening to become all India movement, may turn into Mass Civil Disobedience or even into a revolutionary movement, as this movement has many Left sympathizers, unions, student and youth wings as participants!

These ‘jokers’, taking strong view, are only relevant till the masses allow them. This allowance is coming to an end. See what is happening in nearby countries, Burma (Where military take over is being contested by huge crowd, which encompasses government servants and even few military men, including Lieutenant, Pakistan (Where huge demonstration took place by the government employees and even penetrated into the Red area, so called VIP or safety zone, and the ministers are crying about their own safety). We saw what happened to Trump. Such trends or phenomenon are becoming frequent and world wide!

The revolutionaries must think a fresh, educate themselves and the masses with Marxism Leninism, agitate & propagate, prepare to demolish bourgeois state!

Onward march for socialist revolution!!
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