Sex Work Is Not Work: A Marxist Feminist Analysis of Prostitution – PART II

Worth reading. The reason for the emergence of prostitution is private property and will be eliminated once the private property is eliminated!


Part II: Can ‘sex work’ be considered ‘labour’?

‘all [commodities] are reduced to one and the same sort of labour, human labour in the abstract.’

Marx, Capital Vol I

Marx tells us that ‘human labour power’ is expended in the production of commodities — that ‘human labour is embodied in them’ — and that it is this which determines their exchange value. The worker, of course, expends physical energy in the production of commodities. His muscles, nerves, organs and cells work in the production of commodities. But Marx’s use of the word ‘human’ suggests a nod to the social context in which labour power is expended. Beyond the physiological aspects of work, we must consider the social, ‘human’ cost to the worker. Time spent expending labour is time in which the worker is not able to pursue leisure activities; it is time he is not able to spend with his…

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